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Alexandra Tolstoy   

 Der lange Ritt von Ashgabad nach Moskau (2700 Meilen), Frühjahr 2004


Mattes Equestrian has supplied ReactorPanel sheepskin numnahs, ReactorPanel corrector numnahs, sheepskin girth covers and sheepskin seat covers.

On our previous expeditions we have had problems with saddles rubbing on the horses’ backs but Mattes Equestrian’s incredibly luxuriant sheepskin numahs will mean that these are things of the past. Spending up to 12 hours a day in the saddle can obviously be extremely taxing on the rider. It is very important not to move around in the saddle, as this is another way in which sores appear on the horse’s back. Sitting in one position can become very uncomfortable but with the luxury of sheepskin seat covers it is not a problem!